Our Customers


Rain CII is a well-established, industry-focused leader and producer of calcined petroleum coke. We invest heavily in adding value to the industries we support and serve, and in nurturing close and enduring relationships with our customers. We view our supply relationships as partnerships built on trust and the ability to supply resourcefully, reliably and responsibly. For our customers, we will be there when you need us, today and tomorrow.

Rain CII creates three primary products:

  • Calcined delayed coke used by primary aluminum producers for anode manufacture (80% of our output).
  • Calcined delayed coke for titanium dioxide (TiO2) pigment manufacture or other industrial application (15% of our output).
  • Calcined fluid coke used  as a packing material in anode baking furnaces, cathodic protection applications, or other specialty applications.

Our products are critical elements in the production of two important materials widely used  in our society: aluminum and titanium dioxide.

The strength and future of our customers… is OUR future.

Commitment to Our Customers

Providing products that conform to our customers’ requirements is the core of our quality system. We believe that communicating routinely and openly with customers creates strong and mutually beneficial relationships. A negotiation between Rain CII and a customer typically involves:

  • Working together to develop requirements that Rain CII is then committed to meet. These requirements include quantity and specified quality, delivery schedule, statutory and regulatory requirements related to the product, and any other special requirements that may apply. Our Commercial and Quality Management groups work closely with the customer to establish these requirements prior to making a commitment to supply our product.
  • The customer’s requirements undergo an internal review at Rain CII to ensure that the proper resources and processes are in place to meet the customer’s needs.
  • All final requirements are incorporated into the sales agreement before it is finalized with the customer. Any subsequent changes to these specifications are included in amendments to the sales agreement.
  • Upon shipment of product, Rain CII notifies the customer and our laboratory sends a Certificate of Analysis. The Certificate of Analysis contains the product’s chemical and physical analyses, specification limits, and a statement as to product conformance.
  • Rain CII holds periodic meetings with customers to discuss technical and commercial issues. Customer feedback from these meetings is documented and distributed to selected departments within Rain CII for review and appropriate action.

We know our customers’ businesses and the critical role of CPC. Supply interruptions and inconsistent quality can disrupt operations and erode profit margins. Emerging supply and quality constraints can threaten our customers’ success.

From frequent customer visits with detailed quality reviews to special laboratory work, Rain CII has the resources, expertise, and commitment to meet these challenges – and to take advantage of the opportunities.