Purvis, MS Calciner


Purvis, Mississippi is home to the only calciner in the world which produces calcined fluid coke. The coke from this plant finds its way into many unusual applications such as carbon paste packed into deep holes for electrical grounding applications as well as cathodic corrosion-protection systems. It is also our only plant with a well-stocked catfish pond.

  • Commissioned in 1959 by Kaiser Aluminum.
  • Focused on specialty applications. Only plant in the world that produces calcined fluid petroleum coke that is used as a packing material in anode baking furnaces and other industrial applications.
  • One rotary kiln with 70,000 ton/yr capacity.
  • Receives raw material by rail.
  • Provides direct rail shipments to customers.
  • Employs 8 people.
  • Hourly workforce represented by United Steelworkers Union.

Rain CII's network of six calcining facilities across the United States provides for greater flexibility in our continual efforts to meet our customers’ needs. Each plant has an established track record and each is strategically placed to take best advantage of local resources. Our operations provide for direct shipment to terminals with customized CPC blending capabilities.