Norco, LA Calciner


Our Norco, Louisiana facility is a plant-within-a-plant as it stands more or less within the Motiva Norco refinery. It is Rain CII’s only plant that uses a single source of green coke. The coke was known formerly as Shell coke and is quite well known in the aluminum industry. At one point, it was the recommended aluminum smelter startup coke for several smelters built with Pechiney AP technology.

  • Commissioned in 1965 by Kaiser Aluminum.
  • Located adjacent to Motiva oil refinery in St. Charles Parish, Louisiana.
  • Product targeted for aluminum smelter anode applications.
  • One rotary kiln with 230,000 ton/yr capacity.
  • Raw material supplied directly by Motiva refinery.
  • Provides direct rail or truck shipments to customers and to our Chalmette and Gramercy terminals for customized shipment blending.
  • Energy recovery by exporting steam to the Motiva refinery.
  • Steam generation capacity is 230,000 pounds per hour.
  • Employs ~18 people.
  • Hourly workforce represented by United Steelworkers Union.

Rain CII's network of six calcining facilities across the United States provides for greater flexibility in our continual efforts to meet our customers’ needs. Each plant has an established track record and each is strategically placed to take best advantage of local resources. Our operations provide for direct shipment to terminals with customized CPC blending capabilities.