Chalmette, LA Terminal

Chalmette Terminal

Owned by Rain CII Carbon LLC and operated by Oakley’s of Chalmette



Located at mile 89.2 left descending in the Mississippi River (Long 90 Lat 29)

Berth Restrictions

The depth alongside the dock is 57 feet plus River Stage at Carrollton gauge, New Orleans, Louisiana


    • Maximum length overall – 198.17 meters (650 feet)
    • Maximum beam – 29.26 meters (96 feet)
    • Port side hatch opening cannot be more than 78 feet from the dock fender (bumper)
    • Vessels with starboard-side crane gear or derricks cannot be loaded
    • Maximum air draft – 55 feet minus river stage at Carrolton gauge, New Orleans, Louisiana
    • Vessels of different dimensions may be accepted subject to the terminal’s prior approval. Certain tween-deckers will be rejected due to the vessel’s design. The terminal reserves the right to reject any vessel that would prevent loading or proper stowage.

Dock Restrictions

    • Spout trimming only
    • Vessels cannot be moored port side to the mooring dolphins
    • Vessels will not be allowed to drop anchor in the vicinity of the dock due to an under water pipeline and crude oil unloading dock immediately down river of the CT Dock.

Stowage Factor

48 cubic feet per long ton


Approved sub-contractors shall perform mooring and unmooring of vessel. Charges for mooring and unmooring services are invoiced to Owners/Agent/etc. directly from the sub-contractors.

Coke Cargo

    • Angle of repose – the angle of repose is approximately 35 degrees.
    • Temperature – the Calcined coke will be loaded into the vessel according to the Code of Federal Regulations, Coast Guard, Department of Transportation (46 CFR 148.04-15 and 148.04-17).

Loading Rate



The Chalmette Terminal (CT) dock facility operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The ship loading facility is equipped with two (2) loading towers approximately 44 meters (145 feet) apart. Each tower has a loading boom that rotates in a circular motion with a radius of 27.5 meters (90 feet). Each boom is also equipped to move laterally for distance of 21.3 meters (70 feet) across the width of the ship. The vessel is to be loaded spout trimmed. The ship must supply the manpower to watch the loading from the deck of the vessel and to keep track of the draft (i.e. tell the loader when enough cargo is in the hold).

Facility Security

Entrance to the dock facility may be made at Coke Plant Road, on West St. Bernard Highway, Chalmette, Louisiana. Access to and from the vessel must be done via local launch service. The vessel’s agent may be required to provide a crew/passenger/visitor list 24 hours in advance of the vessels arrival. Transport and delivery of vessel stores are not permitted through the facility. Deliveries of vessel stores must be coordinated by vessel personnel and the vessel’s agent via launch service not provided by the facility. The Terminal Manager or designee must be notified prior to the vessel receiving bunkers.

Dock Services

A supply source of potable water is not currently available on the dock facility.


For more information please email our Sales division.

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