Chalmette, LA Calciner

Chalmette LA Calciner

Our Chalmette, Louisiana plant stands adjacent to what was once the largest aluminum smelter in North America. The Kaiser Chalmette smelter was shut down in the mid 1980s after a rapid increase in the cost of natural gas.

In August 2005, the Chalmette plant was under 4-5 feet of water in the Hurricane Katrina disaster. Thanks to a resourceful repair effort, Chalmette was back on line far earlier than many other local industries.

  • Commissioned in 1968 by Kaiser Aluminum
  • Located adjacent to Chalmette Refining oil refinery in St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana.
  • Product targeted for aluminum smelter anode applications.
  • One rotary kiln with 230,000 ton/yr capacity.
  • Covered green coke storage for 25,000 tons of raw material.
  • Integrated with deepwater Chalmette Terminal for raw material supply and finished product delivery.
  • Energy recovery connected to Entergy power grid.
  • Power generation capacity is 19 MW.
  • Lime scrubbing baghouse for flue gas opacity control.
  • Employs ~37 people.
  • Hourly workforce represented by United Steelworkers Union.

Rain CII's network of six calcining facilities across the United States provides for greater flexibility in our continual efforts to meet our customers’ needs. Each plant has an established track record and each is strategically placed to take best advantage of local resources. Our operations provide for direct shipment to terminals with customized CPC blending capabilities.