Here’s how we define Efficiency at Rain CII:

Making optimum use of all of our resources including physical facilities, processes, and employee skills and knowledge to continually improve performance.

We place a high value on efficiency in order to meet our customers’ demands and achieve our own performance goals. We focus on improving efficiency in three areas: facilities, processes, and people.

Our current efficiency initiatives include:

  • The Lake Charles Heat Recovery Program is a green project that will capture energy we previously lost and use it to produce electricity. It will also reduce sulfur dioxide emissions by about 60%.
  • Our sulfur dioxide scrubbing and monitoring program increases our capability to calcine high-sulfur cokes and reduces our environmental footprint.
  • We are upgrading our office buildings and locker rooms to provide clean and comfortable environments for all employees, and we’re now using one set of standards for our plants and the corporate office.
  • We’re upgrading our computers and scheduling routine updates to increase productivity and minimize downtime.

We make our processes more efficient with:

  • Software and technology to drive organizational transparency such as the SAP Quality Sample Management bar code project.
  • Investments in IT assets to minimize downtime, adapt to growth and reduce costs such as the facility network upgrade project.
  • An easy, quick method to learn specific topics through the Cyber Training program.
  • Information technology projects to strengthen and improve our infrastructure.
    • Computer network and application upgrades and developments.
    • Centralization of company information, which gives us electronic enrollment in benefits programs, a technical library all employees can use, data warehousing, standard reporting and an employee portal on our website to give employees one place to go for company information.

In terms of people, we have several programs that make us more efficient:

  • Consistent communications through the Carbon Colors quarterly employee newsletter, our Building Blocks tours, Quarterly Quality Reports, customer visit reports, the circulation of managers’ weekly meeting minutes and the Quality System Management Review Report.
  • Onboarding new employees to communicate our vision, mission, values, Building Blocks, Quality Policy and the business we’re in.
  • Succession planning to give employees opportunities to develop and advance.