Community Involvement

Community Involvement

Here’s how we define Community Involvement at Rain CII:

Supporting educational, social, and charitable causes in the communities in which we live and work, both as a company and as individuals.

Rain CII currently supports a number of causes including local schools and charitable organizations.

We’re serious about giving back; we allocate a significant amount to our giving budget each year. To make the greatest impact possible, we’re looking for new ways to use our strengths and values to benefit the community.

We want our giving programs to show the community just how resourceful, reliable and responsible we really are.

For example, we might support better ways to recycle energy or aluminum, fund scholarships for conservation concepts, or put together Rain CII teams to design and run community events. Beginning in 2012, each of Rain CII’s facilities is creating its own unique programs to further demonstrate our proactive leadership in community giving.