Covington, LA – IT Business Relationship Partner


To create and sustain an effective channel of communications between the Central Strategy Group (CSG) and Information Technology (IT) functional areas


Requires a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Engineering and at least 3-5 years working in IT projects.  Must have at least 1 year translating business requirements into actionable plan for IT teams; must be experienced in big data curation and with security of information and infrastructure design and implementation.  Must also be experienced in MS Azure, Oracle or other database as a service (DBAAS) infrastructure.


Reports functionally to the Global Chief Information Officer with administrative reporting to a Chief Strategy Officer.  Has close contact with corporate personnel, plant management and all salaried and hourly employees, as well as, vendors/consultants/contractors.


Accountable for collecting, understanding and challenging CSG IT requirements and translating those requirements to the IT functional areas.

Responsible for creating proposing specific plans to address CSG architecture in terms of servers, security controls and license rights and working with the IT functional group to align with other company required IT infrastructure

Track implementation of agreed actions between IT and identify any corrective actions to be done related to each project.

Ensure no-disruption of data processes performed by the CSG.

Seek best practices in IT to supports the CSG systems for present and future needs.

Anticipate and re-engineer as required the infrastructure to support data processes in the CSG areas.

Create, track and enhance permanently the roadmap of improvements in the IT that supports data processes in the non-IT areas.

(This Position Description reflects the general level and nature of the Position.  It is not intended to be all-inclusive.)